“ArchitetturaLOVERS” Award

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The “ArchitetturaLOVERS” award was created on the occasion of the celebration of “Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023”, with the intention of collecting as many contributions as possible concerning interventions aimed at caring for the city, which have triggered a process of regenerative urban development from a social, economic, environmental and cultural point of view. The goal is to acquire information on recent interventions that have given a second life to buildings and neighbourhoods, enhancing the built heritage and the landscape.


Cities are a complex and living organism, the result of phenomena of stratification, growth, reconversion, regeneration, reuse.
If we look at the history of the last hundred years, we can read phenomena and events that have strongly shaped our cities:

  • industrialisation
  • the world wars and bombings
  • demographic concentration
  • de-industrialisation
  • the explosion of the tertiary and commercial sector
  • the pandemic

Each time we are all called upon to rethink, revise, rewire, portions of cities or individual buildings.
It is therefore necessary to learn to take care of the human habitat, at different scales, to face the challenges of our time.
To give just a few examples:

  • preventing and solving the formation of areas of decay, abandonment and marginality;
  • mitigate social, cultural, generational gaps;
  • favouring and rebalancing the urban ecosystem understood as the relationship between MAN – BUILT SPACE – NATURAL SPACE.

The aim of this award is therefore to recognise recent interventions that have given a second life to buildings or parts of the city and that, the effect generated by this caring action, has been able to trigger a positive flywheel in the context.



The “ArchitetturaLOVERS” award is promoted and organised by the Ordini degli Architetti PPC of the Provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, the Fondazione Architetti Bergamo (FAB) and the University of Porto in Portugal, with the intention of celebrating concrete actions on the territory that reflect the logics already identified in the “ASL | Action Second Life” programme of buildings and cities, promoted by the above-mentioned Ordini, and documented during the “Forum Second Life” at CIAM2019 in Bergamo.


Nominations for the Award may be submitted by architects or engineers (either as individual or associated professionals and by architecture and/or engineering companies, groups, etc.), duly qualified to practice their profession, in accordance with the local regulations established in the country of the project.
Each individual candidate or group may participate with a maximum of one completed project. Entrants participating in more than one group or with more than one project will be excluded from the competition.


Works designed or directed by:

  • members of the Jury, their spouses and their relatives up to the 4th degree;
    members of the Organising Committee, their spouses and their relatives up to and including the 4th degree;
  • the Presidents and Councillors of the Associations of Architects promoting the competition, their spouses and their relatives up to and including the 4th degree of kinship.
  • the members of the Organising Secretariat;
  • the Sponsors of this competition, their spouses and their relatives and relatives-in-law up to the 4th degree inclusive and all the professionals who intend to submit works and interventions realised with the participation of the Sponsors themselves in the last three years from the publication of the Call for Entries
  • Members or studio partners of the entities listed in the preceding points.


he jury, which is international, is composed of 6 members, a president and 5 members, chosen from qualified personalities and professionals in the field of architecture.

The names of the jurors will be announced at the opening of the application period.


President of the Jury

Arch. Gonçalo Byrne (Founder Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos)


Members of the Jury

Arch. Vincenzo Corvino (co-founder Corvino + Multari)
Prof. Pierre-Alain Croset (Professor Architecture and Urban Design at Politecnico di Milano – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies)
Prof. Marco Cremaschi (Professor Cycle d’Urbanisme course at Science Po Centre d’études europénnes)
Arch. Anna Maria Bordas (Co-founder bordas+peiro)
Arch. Giuseppe Zampieri (Co-founder and partner of the Milan office of David Chipperfield Architects)


The following may be submitted to the contest:

  • Recent interventions, designed by the candidate, carried out and completed between 01/01/2017 and 30/06/2022.
  • Interventions that have involved the redevelopment of degraded (architectural, urban planning, social) or deteriorating places, through replacement works (demolition and reconstruction), conservation and enhancement of the existing or both.
  • Interventions whose result has produced a positive effect in the context in terms of quality of place, economy, sociality, sustainability and inclusion.

Of these interventions, we want to know which levers enabled their development (urban, economic, social factor, etc.) and the result.


28th of May, 2023- Competition launch and publication

19th of June, 2023 – Opening of applications

EXTENDED until November 5, 2023 at 11.59pm – Closing of entries

End of November – Announcement of winners

Subsequently, events will be organised to promote the results and the award-winning entries, the calendar of which will be announced after the closing of entries.


In order to participate, the candidate must register on this site by filling in the online form, clicking the PARTICIPATE button and send the documentation as indicated in the following paragraph.

Each candidate may submit only one project.

The documents must be uploaded via the dedicated page, by pressing the PARTICIPATE button, no later than the November 5, 2023 at 11.59pm (EXTENDED).

Please note that ONLY proposals delivered according to the criteria in the WHAT section will be accepted.

Each entry must be accurately geolocated using the information on the registration page.

To participate in the award, the following entries are required

  • 3 tables in UNI A3 horizontal format, in which in the first table the condition of the places before the intervention is represented and described, in the second table at least a significant planimetry and section of the proposed intervention (in addition to any other representations), in the third table a photographic selection of the realised work.
  • 4 images of the work realised measuring 30 x 30 cm, in jpg format, 300 dpi resolution.
  • Abstract of a maximum of 500 characters, including spaces, summarising the concept of the work;
  • 1 report of a maximum of 3000 characters, spaces included, in which to describe the principles and objectives underlying the project, the motivations and levers that promoted it, summarising the effect that the work, once realised, has brought to the urban context.

The language used for the texts is Italian or English.

All materials must be submitted using the dedicated web page, under the heading PARTICIPATE and uploaded after filling in the registration data.

In the compilation procedure, the georeferencing coordinates of the intervention must be entered, following the relevant instructions.


The contest will award the following prizes and awards

  • € 10,000.00 to the best proposed intervention judged by the Jury.
  • The jury may award other non-economic prizes qualified as “special mentions of the jury”.

In addition to the prizes awarded by the Jury, the organiser will also award a further non-economic recognition “special mention of the public”, to the intervention that obtains the most votes online, on the page dedicated to the prize.

This award will be called ‘wishes‘.

The winning intervention and the mentioned interventions will be included with wide prominence in the online publication of the results and in the exhibition that will be organised after the closure of the procedure.


By sending the documentation required for admission to the competition, the participants in the ArchitetturaLOVERS Award declare under their own responsibility

  • to be the exclusive owners of the copyrights of the works presented;
  • to accept and adhere to all the norms established by the present announcement;
  • to authorise the archiving of the material sent
  • to authorise the organisers, to use and disclose the contents of the works for total or partial publications, in paper or digital form, also for advertising purposes, with citation of the source, without having anything to claim in relation to copyright or remuneration
  • to undertake to hold the organisers harmless from any disputes, claims or judgments relating to the content of the works used and disseminated for the publications indicated in the previous point

In order to guarantee the correct participation of the proposals, the technical secretariat will be taken over by the Fondazione Architetti Bergamo, which will appoint a select committee to verify the adequacy of the documentation received with respect to the proposed theme. The purpose of this commission is to collect the documentation, preliminarily examine it and point out to the jury any discrepancies in the documentation or the proposed theme. It will then be up to the jury to decide on the merits of the admissibility and subsequent publication of the entries.

Administrative disputes shall be judged by the Regional Administrative Court of Brescia (Italy); for any other disputes, the competent court shall be that of Bergamo.

If you have further questions, please write to question@lovearchitetturabgbs.it Send the questions by October 5, 2023


The questions received to date are published below, together with their answers.

Good morning, I submit below a question regarding the application.
Under “WHAT” in the notice, the possible types of applications are described in 3 points.
It is not clear to me whether the time limit stated in the first paragraph “Recent projects designed by the applicant carried out and completed from 01/01/2017 to 30/06/2022” is a condition that also applies to the following two categories or only to the first one.
To summarise: is it possible to apply for a redevelopment or similar work that was carried out after 30/06/2022?
Does the same time condition apply to the following two points?
Thank you and best regards,
The WHAT section lists the characteristics that the candidate intervention must possess. They must all be verified. They are not to be understood as three different categories.
In any case, the candidate intervention must be completed between 01/01/2017 and 30/06/2022.
Good morning
I would like to know whether it is also possible to apply for the above award for an urban redevelopment work located in Milan or whether it is limited to works in the Bergamo-Brescia area only.
Does the period indicated for the completion of works (1/01/2017 – 30/06/2022) apply to works built from scratch or also to the redevelopment of existing buildings? Must all projects necessarily have been completed by 30/06/2022?
Awaiting your kind reply on the matter, I extend cordial greetings.
The geographical scope of the proposals is worldwide.
The time period indicated relates to the completion of the candidate work and applies to all interventions that have dealt with the redevelopment of places of decay (architectural, urban planning, social) or in the process of decay, by means of replacement works (demolition and reconstruction), conservation and enhancement of the existing or both. This also applies to ex-novo works as long as they have produced a redevelopment of the area in which they are located.
All candidate works must have been completed in the period from 01/01/2017 to 30/06/2022.
Good morning,
regarding the Lovers Award we kindly request the following clarification.
If a designer participates as a Consultant Architect for one project, can he/she also present him/herself as an Arch. Group Leader for another project?
Thank you kindly for your kind attention.
No, this is not possible.
Regarding the 4 photos in 30×30 format to be delivered, will they have to fill this format peremptorily or can they be “resized” in the 30×30 format but with smaller size of the photograph?

The required format of 30×30 cm is binding for the image to be uploaded. This is for reasons of subsequent proper layout of the work. In the same space one can, at the limit, also insert an image (or several images) of a smaller size as long as, the applicant, takes care to check its legibility and rendered quality.
Good morning, we are trying to upload our project to your portal,
we are unable to add the other designers, as on the site
only one other member is allowed to be added besides the group leader.
How can we solve this issue?
We await your feedback on this issue.

The data entry system is programmed to allow the entry of up to 8 contributors in addition to the first two names: in the course of filling out the form, once a field is completed, the system automatically inserts a subsequent field until the maximum number is reached.