Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

Address: 23 Via Luigi Einaudi – Brescia (BS)

Category: residential and tertiary/service buildings; office building


  • lead architect: Bruno Fedrigolli 
  • architects: V. Armellini; F. Berlucchi; R. Berlucchi; E. Corona; A. Sugari; F. Visconti


  • design: 1961 – 1967
  • construction: 1967
  • reference date: 1961 – 1967


Authentic architecture of the city, the Chamber of Commerce condenses constructive, formal and technical elements into a whole that is perhaps not entirely resolved, but undoubtedly capable of generating wonder.


Located close to the route of the ancient walls on the area of the 19th-century hospitals, the Brescia Chamber of Commerce building was designed by a group coordinated by Bruno Fedrigolli, following a design competition. The realised building, however, differs considerably from the one presented in the competition both in the organisation of the volumetry and in numerous solutions.
It is a building of extraordinary interest, designed in the minutest detail and loaded to the brim with design instances, in a kaleidoscope of Italian and foreign references, but also with innovative structural and technical systems. It is probably the most remarkable example in the city of how, even in the 1960s, the theme of monumentality in institutional buildings constituted an important element of reflection and comparison for some protagonists of Italian design culture.