Festival in photos

22 May Bergamo

Installing plates on modern architecture buildings

On 22 May in Bergamo, the first three plaques were placed at three important buildings of modern architecture: the Guardia di Finanza Academy (former San Marco Institute), the Italcementi Sports Centre and the Palazzetto dello Sport.


From conservation to valorisation

During the event ‘Inheritance: from preservation to valorisation’, among other topics, documentary archives and the value of existing works in the area were discussed, and strategies that can be put in place for their valorisation and understanding by a wide public were discussed.

23 May Brescia

CURE: the possibilities of the void

The theme of the conference on the second day of the Festival in Brescia. The story of recovery interventions that decline the possibility of using spaces without content to rehabilitate the urban role of buildings as containers of social, cultural and economic dynamics.

24 May Bergamo

MICRO: urban transformations in the province

In the former Church of Sant’Agostino, now the Aula Magna of the University of Bergamo, a number of themes were discussed:

  • Urban regeneration triggers: Piazza del Sapere in Sovere and Innovation Hub in Treviglio.
  • Memorial traces and ‘difficult heritage’. Art, architecture, interpretation.
  • ‘At your pace’. Public art in the Bergamo area.
  • Planning in the highlands in Bergamo-Brescia 2023.


Amidst songs and poems in Bergamo dialect, the theme of local identity was addressed in a lively debate in which the entire audience was involved. We talked about the fundamental role of the village, which, compared to the big city, fears abandonment, but at the same time is an integral part of the citizens’ identity.
A citizen of Bergamo read us a poem by Franco Arminio, giving us intense emotions.

25 May Brescia

Getting to know the city 2320

The young designers are confronted with the existing heritage

An event dedicated to high school students. After the visit to the exhibition ‘BS2023, visions for a present future’, accompanied by Prof. Arch. Alberto Ferlenga, Prof. Arch. Michele Pezzagno and the Urban Center managers (Arch. Elena Pivato and Arch. Giovanni Chinnici), the students were able to share their perception of the current urban space and their expectations for the city of the future. The Chamber of Commerce building designed by Bruno Fedrigolli was the backdrop for the pupils’ discussion.

26 May Bergamo

BG23: visions for a present future

Here are the photos of Friday 26 May ‘BG23: visions for a present future’.
We talked about town planning, territory, community, good practices, all elements that underlie great change.

27 May Brescia

INHERIT: Let’s get to know the city again.

The Chamber of Commerce building is the first building on which the plaque identifying it as part of the modern architectural heritage has been placed.
The event was held in the presence of the CNAPPC president, arch. Francesco Miceli and arch. Pietro Fedrigolli, grandson of arch. Bruno Fedrigolli.

Book presentation: ‘VISIONI DI BRESCIA’

The afternoon opened with the presentation of the book “Visions of Brescia” in the presence of the author Franco Robecchi.

PRESENTATION OF PHOTOGRAPHY WORKS: Photographing and interpreting examples of post-war architecture.

The students of the LABA Academy, supervised by Professor Giovanna Magri, took part in the “Love Architecture Bergamo-Brescia” project through their own photographic interpretation of the historical buildings in the Brescia area.

28 May Bergamo Brescia


The ArchitetturaLovers award was presented on Sunday 28 May. The award was created with the aim of collecting as many contributions as possible concerning interventions aimed at caring for the city, which have triggered a process of regenerative urban development in social, economic, environmental and cultural terms.
The objective is to acquire information on recent interventions that have given a second life to buildings and neighbourhoods, enhancing the built heritage and the landscape.

See the day’s programme and find out about all the events at the Festival.