INAIL Headquarters

INAIL Headquarters

Address: Via Cipro, Brescia (BS)

Category: residential and tertiary/service buildings; office building


  • architect: Paolo Dabbeni 


  • design: 1973
  • construction: 1973 – 1983
  • reference date: 1973 – 1983


Valuable exercise in defining an architectural language for tertiary suburbs, at the intersection of technological research and formal experimentation.


The INAIL office building, originally conceived to house multiple functions and today only partly actually used by the Institute, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting buildings in the Brescia Due tertiary area. Paolo Dabbeni’s project revolves around two fulcrums in a reciprocal dialectical relationship: the search for standardised and modular construction solutions, industrially executable on the one hand, and the search for a balance between the coherence of the whole and the relative autonomy, also formal, of the individual parts on the other.