Istituto San Marco

Istituto San Marco

Academy of the Italian Finance Police

Address: 21 Via dello Statuto, Bergamo (BG)


  • architect: Luigi Ghò
  • structures (auditorium) designed by: Aldo Favini
  • structures designed by: Domenico Deleidi
  • utility plants: G. Bertolini


  • design: 1960 – 1972
  • construction: 1960 – 1972
  • reference date: 1960 – 1972


Testimony of an innovative learning experience in Italy, this complex is distinguished by the balance between built and open spaces, the characterisation of each element within an overarching design, as well as by the originality of certain structural solutions.

Ph: ® Marco Introini

The complex in Via dello Statuto was built to house the Euroschool certified school and its staff. In the mid-1980s, it housed the Italian Finance Police Academy up until its recent acquisition by the University of Bergamo.

Consisting of a classroom building flanking the street, two residential wings, a lecture hall and a sports facility, arranged around a landscaped outdoor space, this complex was worked on by the Milanese architect Gigi Ghò throughout the 1960s and was built in multiple lots.

The ‘campus’ is a delicate, yet skilful, balance of the unity of the whole and the autonomy and characterisation of the different elements, some of which are of considerable expressive and structural interest.