Italcementi Sports Centre

Italcementi Sports Centre

Address:  43 Via Statuto, Bergamo (BG)


  • architect: Carlo Ravizza
  • structures designed by: Carlo Sola
  • construction: G. Pandini (engineer)


  • design: 1963 – 1966
  • construction: 1966
  • reference date: 1963 – 1966


The high degree of technological and constructive experimentation that unites the designer and client in their aims and approach makes the Italcementi Sports Centre a paradigmatic case of the art of building, as well as an exemplary service architecture.


Present in the imagination of all Bergamasks and a case of European importance in the construction of sports facilities in the 1960s, the Italcementi Sports Centre reveals many reasons for interest to an attentive eye, from the efficient distribution, to the quality of the details and finishes, to the great wall decoration in relief by the artist Erminio Maffioletti. What is most surprising is the extraordinary quality of the interior space that compresses and expands, opening up to the surrounding landscape and nature, thanks to structural and construction solutions of great originality and courage.

Ph: ® Marco Introini