Loreto Civic Centre

Loreto Civic Centre

Address: 3 Largo Roentgen, Bergamo (BG)


  • structures designed by: Studio Finazzi
  • architect: Giuseppe Gambirasio
  • project management: Gambirasio Giuseppe; Zenoni Giorgio; 
  • architect (collaboration): Roberto Spagnolo


  • design: 1975 – 1977
  • construction: 1975 – 1977
  • reference date: 1975 – 1977

Abstract: Gambirasio and Zenoni’s civic center intentionally establishes a condition of otherness with respect to the surroundings. The pitches, lowering outward to touch the basement, determine a closed façade, introverted and yet strongly characterized by the dialectic between volumes of different size and depth leaning outward. Of opposite sign, in an almost dichotomous dualism, is the interior space that distributes the different spaces, but also offers itself as a place of meeting and rest.

Ph: ® Marco Introini