Luigi Marzoli Museum of Weapons

Luigi Marzoli Museum of Weapons

Address: 9 Via del Castello, Brescia (BS)

Construction characteristics:

  • design: 1971 – 1979
  • construction: 1979 – 1988
  • reference date: 1971 – 1988


  • Municipality of Brescia


  • architects: Carlo Scarpa; Francesco Rovetta; Arrigo Rudi

Abstract: A sum of factors, in addition to the remarkable collection, contribute to making the weapon’s museum in Brescia an extraordinary site. On the consolidated layers of the castle, operates with awareness, but also with character, the exhibition design that ideally concludes a golden season for Italian museography in which Carlo Scarpa played a leading role. The sometimes tortuous process, slowed also by the sudden death of the Venetian master, has not compromised the coherence of the project that is revealed at all scales, down to the cabinet-making of Giuseppe Rivadossi.