Palazzetto dello sport – Bergamo

Palazzetto dello Sport Bergamo (BG)

Address: Via Alberto Pitentino, 24124 Bergamo BG


  • architects: Giancarlo Eynard; Daniele Eynard
  • project management: Giancarlo Eynard
  • structures designed by: Luigi Bacci
  • construction: INCAS Torino


  • design: 1959 – 1965
  • construction: 1962
  • reference date: 1959 – 1962


The ability to read the environment and the delicacy of its insertion into a complex context that is not without its criticalities make the sports hall in Bergamo an exemplary testimony to a season of Italian design culture.


An exemplary work of service architecture that arose during the years of the economic miracle, the sports hall in Bergamo nevertheless differs from similar contemporary works built in other Italian cities in many ways. The reasons for its uniqueness, starting with its characteristic elliptical development, are to be found not only in the sensitivity of Giancarlo and Daniele Eynard, but also in the numerous constraints that the site imposed on them.
Constrained between two traffic routes and partly built on the underground bed of the Morla stream, the sports hall is above all the result of a careful insertion in a very delicate context in which the project literally fits.

Ph: ® Marco Introini