S. Quasimodo Primary School

S. Quasimodo Primary School

Address: 15 Via Costalunga, Brescia (BS)

Construction characteristics:

  • structures: reinforced concrete; brickwork
  • façade: plaster
  • roofing: flat
  • window frames: grey painted metal


  • completion: 1973
  • reference date: 1973


  • architects: Giovanni Ennio Mori; Flavio Rubagotti
  • architects (collaboration): A. Idra; F. Passi

Abstract: The Quasimodo School project reflects a transitional phase for the culture design not only local that is reflected in the co-presence of heterogeneous elements or in any case, between them not immediately associable. The front on Via Costalunga reveals the metabolization of Le Corbusier’s late work and is combined, in a way not taken for granted, with a volumetric articulation obtained by juxtaposition and subtraction with many detail solutions of remarkable originality.