Scuola della musica e del rumore

Scuola della musica e del rumore

Address: Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 5 – Ponteranica (BG)


  • Design: : Brignoli Franco
  • Structures project: Bosi Giovanni
  • Works direction: Brignoli Franco
  • Execution:  Impresa Epis


  • Design: 1978
  • Execution: 1981 – 1983
  • Date of reference: 1978 – 1983

Abstract: A school that was created with the intention of giving new life to an expanding suburban neighborhood, evidence of a look to the future with a vocation for modernity. The building is designed by Franco Brignoli, often involved as a structural engineer in the projects of Bergamo architects, but also the author of the architectural design of numerous buildings between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia: an engineer who looks carefully at the work of the most celebrated of modern architects, reinterpreting with sensitivity some elements of his mature work to which he juxtaposes original and refined elements. The Ponteranica school is the outcome of such a process of composition, guided by an original spatial and distributive conception organized around a large void lit from above.

Ph: ® Marco Introini