Sorelle Cittadini School

Sorelle Cittadini School

Address: 7 Viale Abruzzi, Curno (BG)


  • lead architects: Baran Ciagà; Giuseppe Gambirasio
  • project management: Baran Ciagà; Giuseppe Gambirasio
  • structures designed by: Gian Battista Finazzi
  • construction: F.lli Ravasio


  • design: 1967
  • construction: 1969
  • reference date: 1967 – 1969

Abstract: A rich series of themes and instances intersect in the Curno school, giving shape to a project of extraordinary intensity. A clear distributive and spatial logic, aimed, on the one hand, at endowing each section with its own system of vertical connections and, on the other, at varying the spatial quality of the rooms – especially their height – according to function, combines with a compositional research that opens to other planes and purposes: from the control of thermal comfort, to the use of color. The result is a strongly connoted building, in some ways even alienating, which not surprisingly was able to carve out a not inconsiderable space of attention in the specialized periodicals of the time.

Ph: ® Marco Introini